Ying Sun Dentistry Professional Corporation

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摘要: Ying Sun Dentistry Professional Corporation We Cater To Dental Cowards... Making You Happy Is Our Job! Emergency Contact: Dr. Sun : 519-760-6830 Dr. Spencer : 41 ...

Ying Sun Dentistry Professional Corporation

We Cater To Dental Cowards...  Making You Happy Is Our Job!

Services provided:

Dental Implants    ---- long-term permanent restoration to replace  missing  teeth using the best implant system  

Emergency  care ---- Accident trauma, acute toothache, swollen, fractured tooth, fractured crown. same day service usually *****

New patient examination, treatment plan
                          ----  All questions answered and estimates/explanations given 
Oral Cancer Scan ----  Evaluate oral soft tissue health and provide early diagnosis
Restorative Dentistry
                          ----  tooth color fillings ,  Implants . crowns, bridges, veneers
Whitening            ---- take home or in office 
Oral surgery         ---- all types of extractions, including complicated and impacted wisdom teeth.                  
                                 Alveolar plastic surgery, bone grafting Implants .
Endodontic         ----   Root canal Treatments
Prosthesis           ----   Removable partial & complete denture, Implant supported dentures Crowns and 
                                      bridges Maryland bridge
Periodontal Disease/Cleaning  treatments
                           ----  scaling, polish, fluoride treatments,  sealants.
                           ----  periodontal surgery
Insurance Program Coordination.

Let our administrative team help you with your insurance benefits, understanding coverage, submitting estimates and coordinating payments...we make it easy for you! 
or e-mail to @: sunnydental@yahoo.com

7 Riverview Dr. 
Guelph, ON,  CANADA
N1E  3R6

Tel:  519 824 8250
Fax:519 824 9292
URL: http://www.sunnydental.net/

Emergency Contact:
    Dr. Sun :                    519-760-6830
    Dr. Spencer :            416-543-0206            
    中文 :                         519-760-6830







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